Digital Video Producer is a catch-all title for me, an individual who embodies the term "jill-of-all-trades." I am a director, producer, editor, and camera operator who has had the opportunity to show off my skills with a variety of companies and brands including: Fullscreen, Mashable, Whalerock Industries, and more.

My personal motto is, 'Aspire to Inspire.' It sums up what I want to accomplish most in a career in digital video. I believe in this field we have a special opportunity to reach and touch a wide range of people and so we should make that opportunity matter.

We can look at it as just an advertisement, or just a video, or just words on a piece of paper...or we can look at it as our chance to show the world who we are and push an image that we are proud of.

Those three words are a goal, a passion, and a way of life wrapped up in one.